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Christian Meditative Prayer Courses

I offer Christian meditation courses to church groups of all kinds, for Christians who are seeking ways to be closer to God. Courses are usually between one and six sessions, depending on the desired content and the needs of each group. The meditative prayer sessions offered include Ignatian Prayer, Lectio Divina, and Centering Prayer. For the Ignatian and Lectio Divina prayer sessions, a specific Gospel or Bible passage is selected with the intention that it will provide insights and healing to people attending the session. Centering prayer is a special combination of prayer and meditation that allows a participant to move more deeply into their soul, to draw closer to the love of God. I use a gentle approach in leading these courses, striving to embody the commandment to ‘love others as you love yourself,’ while maintaining a balanced approach through humor and practical realism.

Christian meditative prayer courses offered recently:

Healing and Faith - a journey into stories of Jesus healing the sick

Lent – a walk with Jesus from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday

Rosary Meditations – meditative prayers on specific, important events in Jesus’ life

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We asked Joy to bring a meditative prayer session to a meeting for mothers of young children. Joy met with the co-leaders before the session in order to understand the needs of the women in our group, and she thoughtfully created a peaceful and prayerful session. She invited us to calm our minds and hearts to encounter Jesus in prayer, and she guided us through a time of meditative prayer. She has a soothing, warm presence that helped everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. Her gentle voice and guidance helped me to find the quiet and calm to meet Jesus in prayer and to listen to Him. After the meditation session, Joy stayed to answer questions, and I appreciated her practical wisdom for mothers of young children on developing and deepening our prayer lives. Joy has a natural, beautiful way of sharing her faith and love of God with others. I highly recommend her for individuals or groups looking to grow closer to God through prayer!  

Catherine M, Arlington Heights

Back in January 2018, one of my best friends knew that I was looking to strengthen my spiritual health and recommended that I take Joy Anderson’s Meditative Prayer Class at our church.  When I first met Joy, I felt a special connection with her and the message she was delivering on the night of our very first class.  She suggested to us to start our day off with prayer and making time to read the Bible every day.  One year later, I continue to follow this practice and my spiritual growth has been amazing thanks to adding Joy in my life.  Highly recommend that you do the same!

Ed K, Buffalo Grove

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Christian Life Coaching

My approach to Christian life coaching sessions combines traditional talking and goal setting practices with a unique blend of short Christian meditation sessions, Christian reading recommendations, and recommendations for Christian or practical activities to pursue, which deepen the experience for the client and enhances the overall growth process. Sessions are tailored specifically to the individual needs of the client, empowering each client to develop their inner resources more fully and increasing their self-confidence and ability to navigate through the many challenges of their daily life from a foundation of faith in God.

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After experiencing a new-found closeness to Christ during Joy's Meditative Prayer courses, I found myself wanting to go even deeper - to get even closer to Jesus.
Joy's individual sessions were the answer for me. Her gentle guidance in a one-on-one environment brought me to a place I had never experienced before.  It was as if I was walking with Jesus in Israel 2,000 years ago.  I have never felt closer to Christ in my entire life.
Let Joy lead you to a closeness with Christ you never thought possible.

Gary C, Arlington Heights

I have taken Joy’s meditative prayer classes and met with her individually.  Meeting with Joy for individual sessions allowed me to go deeper into my own personal issues and faith.  Joy is very warm, engaging, intuitive, and open.  She listens to where you are and meets you there to try to help you move forward in your life using meditation and other techniques.  I saw a psychologist for many years and found that incredibly helpful.  Although Joy is not a psychologist, she brought unique perspective to our sessions by combining therapy and my Catholic faith.  She gave me helpful meditations to do on my own as I was going through some tough times in my life.  She was a big help on my journey!  Much thanks, Joy!

Sarah M, Arlington Heights

With grace, wisdom and understanding Joy has given direction to my soul as I move forward on my sober and spiritual journey. I have met with Joy in individual sessions and have participated in several of her Meditative Prayer Courses - both have brought me closer to Christ and have shown me who I am as a child of God. I am grateful for Joy's God-given ability to discern for me new ways of practicing prayer and meditation that so beautifully refresh, renew and restore my soul. Thank you Joy so very much!

Nikki B, Buffalo Grove