Joy’s Story

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Hello! My name is Joy and I am the owner of Medesthai. I am so happy you have chosen to learn more about my work.

I am an expert in stress management and relaxation exercises and Christian meditation practices. For over 25 years I have been leading group sessions and courses and partnering with individuals as a life coach.

People who attend my stress management and relaxation group sessions lead active, busy, and achievement-oriented lives. They are seeking a structured process and skills to manage their stress levels and relax, which in turn creates an oasis of internal peace to draw from daily as they strive to meet their goals.

I also partner with my life-coaching clients to walk with them on their paths of self-discovery. Often these clients are in a life transition, shifting from living the way society has taught them to live to living from their hearts. I have a gift for connecting a client with their authentic self. Teaching them relaxation exercises or Christian meditation practices helps the client to connect body, heart, mind, and soul, which then allows them to experience deep healing and deep learning to understand who they are meant to be.

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There is a clear connection between a patient’s ability to relax, their level of emotional health, and their physical healing process.

When I was a Director of Occupational Therapy in a hospital in Belgium, I observed the clear connection between a patient’s ability to relax, their level of emotional health, and their physical healing process. It became evident to me, and I have found this is supported by many scientific studies, that patients who are happier and more at peace with themselves heal much faster.

The benefits of being happy and at peace don’t just apply to a physical healing process. They also apply to people who are learning new skills or undergoing a life transition.

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A decade of intense personal study worldwide…

It was this fascinating observation and my personal interest that led me to study many relaxation and meditation techniques with teachers from all over the world, including Portugal, India, Australia, Bhutan, and America. After 10 years of intense study, I started my own practice in Belgium where I offered life coaching to individuals and stress management to individuals and groups.

I moved to the United States in 2001 and started my practice in the Seattle area. In 2011, I moved to the Chicago area and in 2014 I opened Medesthai. It is my pleasure to be here and to serve this community.

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